Special thanks to the following for use of images using Mojay Pots

Fiddle and Fig believe that your home should be a place that tells a story of who you are and what you love. 

Fiddle and Fig is an all things home and plant obsessed sister duo who live and breath everything that is home styling.  It's not just 'business' when it comes to doing what we do. It is a passion and a love project, from hand picking every single plant that comes through our doors and eventually end up in your home.
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Fiddle and Fig bring a fresh look to our pots and you can see their passion in the photos that they have allowed us to use.  Beautifully presented plant and pot combinations that work in any home.

Adorning your porches and homes with customised and unique plant styling. 

Angela from Porch Envy offers you custom, designer, statement planters to purchase or hire. Specialising in Residential and Commercial Property Plant Styling - be the envy of your neighbours.

Porch Envy love playing with different size and shapes when creating statement clusters. They hand select large established plants so you don't need to wait forever for your plant to grow into their pots. You have an Instantly gorgeous display.
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Porch Envy certainly have that knack to create real show stoppers whether a single pot or a cluster with Mojay Pots. A special thanks for their contribution of images. 

Porch Envy • 0404 551 831

Be it, Styling to Sell, Keep, Work or Shoot, our services cover all clientele.

The Plant Styling Company is a bespoke Plant Styling service, specialising in lush, living plants and designer pots that add a dramatic finishing touch to interior spaces. 
Styling to Sell? When it’s time to sell, we work with you to add the finishing touch - a breath of fresh air to your styled space with our lush plants. Hire our plants for the period of your campaign and maximise your buyer’s imagination of the lifestyle they can have. The results speak for themselves.

Styling to Keep? Elevate your space, introducing a lush oasis of living plants and designer pots to your home, with the expertise of our Plant Stylists.

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From concept to installation, every step of the process is taken with an eye for detail as seen in the photos that they have allowed Mojay Pots to use.

The Sydney Plant Styling Company